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We are experts in wood flooring

Wood Flooring For: Bathroom, Basement, Humid Areas

Thanks to technology and engineered wood, it is absolutely possible to install a wood flooring in areas of your house prone to humidity. You can now enjoy the feel and the look of wood in your bathroom too! Ask our experts about it and we will help you make the best choice for your home.

Wood Flooring For: Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom

Wood flooring bring warmth and a unique and authentic feel to your home. With an endless choice of colours and type, you will find your perfect fit! Our experts’ advices will help you create an harmony between your floors and the rest of your home. Get the home you want today!

Hardwood Floor Repairs

Cupping, crowing, buckling repairs, chatter marks or squeaky noises. Our experts can assess your floors, the moisture content of your home and elaborate with you the best step by step plan to fix all your hardwood flooring issues. The most common issue of hardwood flooring is water damage. We sand, refinish and replace when necessary. At Wood Flooring Perth, we’ll make sure to match any previous damaged wood that needs to be removed to preserve the atmosphere and look of your home.

White Washing, Pickling and Painting

Painting is an alternative to replacement that can extend the life of such floors for several years. It will turn an old wood floor into a new one with a few coats of paint. A painted wood floor can look just as attractive as a natural one, and in some cases it can look even better. However this job requires a professional that had experience in all those techniques. To be done properly, wood painting requires many steps of preparation, paint and sanding, and our team is trained to handle this with maximum care.